June 21 2006

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June 21st, 2006 (June 21 2006)EventPluto s newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra.
June 21st, 1986 (June 21 1986)DeathAssi Rahbani, Lebanese composer and author (born in 1923)
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthAntonio Cochran, American football player
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthMike Einziger, American musician
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthNigel Lappin, Australian footballer
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)DeathMargaret Herrick, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences director (born in 1902)
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthRudi Bakhtiar, American journalist
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthMancow Muller, American radio personality
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthNan Woods, American actress
June 21st, 1946 (June 21 1946)BirthBrenda Holloway, American musician
June 21st, 1926 (June 21 1926)BirthConrad Hall, Tahitian-born cinematographer (died in 2003)
June 21st, 1916 (June 21 1916)BirthJoseph Cyril Bamford, English inventor and industrialist (died in 2001)
June 21st, 1916 (June 21 1916)BirthBuddy O Connor, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1977)
June 21st, 1906 (June 21 1906)BirthHarold Spina, American composer (died in 1997)
June 21st, 1896 (June 21 1896)BirthCharles B. Momsen, American inventor (died in 1967)
June 21st, 1876 (June 21 1876)BirthWillem Hendrik Keesom, Dutch physicist (died in 1956)
June 21st, 1826 (June 21 1826)EventManiots defeat Egyptians under Ibrahim Pasha in the Battle of Vergas.
June 21st, 1796 (June 21 1796)DeathRichard Gridley, American Revolutionary soldier (born in 1710)Eric Idle Quotes
June 21st, 1646 (June 21 1646)BirthMaria Francisca of Nemours, queen of Portugal (died in 1683)
June 21st, 1226 (June 21 1226)BirthKing Boleslaus V of Poland (died in 1279)

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