June 21st All Events

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June 21st, 2008 (June 21 2008)DeathScott Kalitta, American drag racer (born in 1962)
June 21st, 2007 (June 21 2007)DeathBob Evans, American restaurateur (born in 1918) Evans Quotes
June 21st, 2006 (June 21 2006)EventPluto s newly discovered moons are officially named Nix & Hydra.
June 21st, 2005 (June 21 2005)DeathJaime Cardinal Sin, Filipino Catholic Archbishop of Manila (born in 1928)
June 21st, 2004 (June 21 2004)EventSpaceShipOne becomes the first privately funded spaceplane to achieve spaceflight.
June 21st, 2004 (June 21 2004)DeathLeonel Brizola, Brazilian politician (born in 1922)
June 21st, 2003 (June 21 2003)DeathRoger Neilson, Canadian ice hockey coach (born in 1934)
June 21st, 2003 (June 21 2003)DeathLeon Uris, American writer (born in 1924)
June 21st, 2003 (June 21 2003)DeathJason Moran, Australian criminal (born in 1967)
June 21st, 2001 (June 21 2001)EventA federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia, indicts 13 Saudis and a Lebanese in the 1996 bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that killed 19 American servicemen.
June 21st, 2001 (June 21 2001)DeathJohn Lee Hooker, American musician (born in 1916)
June 21st, 2001 (June 21 2001)DeathCarroll O Connor, American actor (born in 1924)
June 21st, 2001 (June 21 2001)DeathSouad Hosni, Egyptian actress (born in 1942)
June 21st, 2000 (June 21 2000)EventSection 28 (outlawing the promotion of homosexuality in the United Kingdom) is repealed in Scotland with a 99 to 17 vote.
June 21st, 2000 (June 21 2000)DeathAlan Hovhaness, American composer (born in 1911)
June 21st, 1999 (June 21 1999)DeathKami, Japanese drummer (Malice Mizer) (born in 1973)
June 21st, 1998 (June 21 1998)DeathAl Campanis, American baseball executive (born in 1916)
June 21st, 1997 (June 21 1997)DeathShintaro Katsu, Japanese entertainer (born in 1931)
June 21st, 1997 (June 21 1997)DeathFidel Velazquez Sanchez, Mexican labour leader (born in 1900)
June 21st, 1993 (June 21 1993)DeathTicho Parly, Danish tenor (born in 1928)
June 21st, 1987 (June 21 1987)BirthDale Thomas, AFL footballer
June 21st, 1987 (June 21 1987)BirthKim Ryeowook, Korean pop singer
June 21st, 1987 (June 21 1987)BirthSebastian Prodl, Austrian footballer
June 21st, 1987 (June 21 1987)DeathMadman Muntz, American entrepreneur, businessman, electrical engineer, TV commercial actor (born in 1914)
June 21st, 1986 (June 21 1986)DeathAssi Rahbani, Lebanese composer and author (born in 1923)
June 21st, 1985 (June 21 1985)BirthAnthony Morelli, American football player
June 21st, 1985 (June 21 1985)BirthByron Schammer, AFL footballer
June 21st, 1985 (June 21 1985)DeathTage Erlander, Prime Minister of Sweden (born in 1901)
June 21st, 1984 (June 21 1984)BirthAlicia Alighatti, American pornographic actress
June 21st, 1984 (June 21 1984)BirthFranck Perera, French racing driver
June 21st, 1982 (June 21 1982)EventJohn Hinckley is found not guilty by reason of insanity for the attempted assassination of U.S. President Ronald Reagan.Ronald Reagan Quotes
June 21st, 1982 (June 21 1982)BirthPrince William of Wales, British prince
June 21st, 1981 (June 21 1981)BirthBrandon Flowers, American singer and keyboardist (The Killers)
June 21st, 1981 (June 21 1981)BirthYann Danis, Canadian ice hockey player
June 21st, 1980 (June 21 1980)BirthSendy Rleal, Dominican baseball player
June 21st, 1980 (June 21 1980)BirthRichard Jefferson, American basketball player
June 21st, 1980 (June 21 1980)DeathBert Kaempfert, German orchestra leader and songwriter (born in 1923)
June 21st, 1979 (June 21 1979)BirthKostas , Greek footballer
June 21st, 1979 (June 21 1979)BirthChris Pratt, American actor
June 21st, 1979 (June 21 1979)DeathAngus Maclise, American mystic, shaman, musician, and composer (born in 1938)
June 21st, 1978 (June 21 1978)BirthCristiano Lupatelli, Italian footballer
June 21st, 1978 (June 21 1978)BirthJack Guzman, American actor
June 21st, 1978 (June 21 1978)BirthErica Durance, Canadian actress
June 21st, 1978 (June 21 1978)BirthDejan Ognjanovic, Montenegrin football player
June 21st, 1977 (June 21 1977)BirthJochen Hecht, German ice hockey player
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthAntonio Cochran, American football player
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthMike Einziger, American musician
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)BirthNigel Lappin, Australian footballer
June 21st, 1976 (June 21 1976)DeathMargaret Herrick, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences director (born in 1902)
June 21st, 1974 (June 21 1974)BirthNatasha Desborough, British radio personality
June 21st, 1974 (June 21 1974)BirthCraig Lowndes, Australian racing driver
June 21st, 1974 (June 21 1974)BirthRob Kelly, American football player
June 21st, 1973 (June 21 1973)EventIn handing down the decision in Miller v. California 413 US 15, the Supreme Court of the United States establishes the Miller Test, which now governs obscenity in U.S. law.
June 21st, 1973 (June 21 1973)BirthJuliette Lewis, American actress
June 21st, 1972 (June 21 1972)BirthAlon Hilu, Israeli writer
June 21st, 1972 (June 21 1972)BirthNeil Doak, former Irish cricketer
June 21st, 1971 (June 21 1971)BirthMarianne Lie Berg, Norwegian philosopher Philo Quotes
June 21st, 1971 (June 21 1971)BirthAnette Olzon, Swedish singer
June 21st, 1970 (June 21 1970)BirthSindee Coxx, American pornographic actress
June 21st, 1970 (June 21 1970)BirthPete Rock, American rapper/producer
June 21st, 1970 (June 21 1970)DeathSukarno, President of Indonesia (born in 1901)
June 21st, 1969 (June 21 1969)BirthGabriella Paruzzi, Italian skier
June 21st, 1969 (June 21 1969)DeathMaureen Connolly, American tennis player (born in 1934)
June 21st, 1968 (June 21 1968)BirthSonique, British DJ
June 21st, 1968 (June 21 1968)BirthAlisyn Camerota, American journalist
June 21st, 1968 (June 21 1968)BirthGretchen Carlson, American journalist
June 21st, 1967 (June 21 1967)BirthJim Breuer, American comedian
June 21st, 1967 (June 21 1967)BirthPierre Omidyar, Iranian-American billionaire
June 21st, 1967 (June 21 1967)BirthDerrick Coleman, American basketball player
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthRudi Bakhtiar, American journalist
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthMancow Muller, American radio personality
June 21st, 1966 (June 21 1966)BirthNan Woods, American actress
June 21st, 1965 (June 21 1965)BirthLarry Wachowski, film director
June 21st, 1965 (June 21 1965)BirthYang Liwei, Chinese astronaut
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)EventThree civil rights workers, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney and Mickey Schwerner, are murdered in Neshoba County, Mississippi, United States, by members of the Ku Klux Klan.
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)EventJim Bunning of the Philadelphia Phillies throws a perfect game againist the New York Mets and becomes the seventh pitcher to do so.
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)BirthSammi Davis, British actress
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)BirthDavid Morrissey, British actor Morrissey Quotes
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)BirthDoug Savant, American actor
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)DeathJames Chaney, American civil rights activist (born in 1943)
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)DeathAndrew Goodman, American civil rights activist (born in 1943)
June 21st, 1964 (June 21 1964)DeathMichael Schwerner, American civil rights activist (born in 1939)
June 21st, 1962 (June 21 1962)BirthViktor Tsoi, Russian musician
June 21st, 1962 (June 21 1962)BirthTakeshi Asami, Japanese racing driver
June 21st, 1961 (June 21 1961)BirthKip Winger, American musician
June 21st, 1961 (June 21 1961)BirthManu Chao, Spanish musician
June 21st, 1961 (June 21 1961)BirthSascha Konietzko, German musician
June 21st, 1961 (June 21 1961)BirthKaren Barber,Ice Skater and Dancing on Ice Judge
June 21st, 1959 (June 21 1959)BirthTom Chambers, American basketball player
June 21st, 1959 (June 21 1959)BirthMarcella Detroit, singer and songwriter (Shakespear s Sister)
June 21st, 1959 (June 21 1959)BirthKathy Mattea, American country singer
June 21st, 1958 (June 21 1958)BirthGennady Padalka, cosmonaut
June 21st, 1957 (June 21 1957)EventEllen Louks Fairclough is sworn in as Canada s first woman Cabinet Minister.
June 21st, 1957 (June 21 1957)BirthBerkeley Breathed, American cartoonist and author
June 21st, 1957 (June 21 1957)BirthLucien DeBlois, professional ice hockey player
June 21st, 1957 (June 21 1957)DeathJohannes Stark, German physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1874)
June 21st, 1955 (June 21 1955)BirthTim Bray, Canadian computer programmer
June 21st, 1955 (June 21 1955)BirthLeigh McCloskey, American actor
June 21st, 1955 (June 21 1955)BirthMichel Platini, French footballer
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthMujde Ar, Turkish actress
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthMark Kimmitt, US Army general
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthAnne Kirkbride, English actress
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthRobert Menasse, Austrian writer
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthAugustus Pablo, Jamaican musician (died in 1999)
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)BirthRobert Pastorelli, American actor (died in 2004)
June 21st, 1954 (June 21 1954)DeathGideon Sundback, American inventor, perfected the zipper (born in 1880)
June 21st, 1953 (June 21 1953)BirthBenazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan (died in 2007)
June 21st, 1953 (June 21 1953)BirthMichael Bowen, American actor
June 21st, 1952 (June 21 1952)EventPhilippine School of Commerce, through a republic act, is converted to Philippine College of Commerce; later to be the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
June 21st, 1952 (June 21 1952)BirthKoichi Mashimo, Japanese anime director
June 21st, 1952 (June 21 1952)DeathWilfrid Wop May, Canadian aviation pioneer (born in 1896)
June 21st, 1951 (June 21 1951)BirthNils Lofgren, American musician
June 21st, 1951 (June 21 1951)DeathCharles Dillon Perrine, American astronomer (born in 1867)
June 21st, 1950 (June 21 1950)BirthAnne Carson, Canadian poet
June 21st, 1950 (June 21 1950)BirthJoey Kramer, American drummer and percussionist (Aerosmith)
June 21st, 1950 (June 21 1950)BirthVasilis Papakonstantinou, Greek singer and musician
June 21st, 1950 (June 21 1950)BirthGerard Lanvin, French actor
June 21st, 1948 (June 21 1948)EventThe "Manchester Baby" (SSEM) runs the first ever computer program stored in electronic memory.
June 21st, 1948 (June 21 1948)EventColumbia Records introduces the long-playing record album in a public demonstration at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.
June 21st, 1948 (June 21 1948)BirthIan McEwan, English writer
June 21st, 1948 (June 21 1948)BirthLionel Rose, Australian boxer
June 21st, 1948 (June 21 1948)BirthAndrzej Sapkowski, Polish writer
June 21st, 1947 (June 21 1947)BirthMeredith Baxter, American actress
June 21st, 1947 (June 21 1947)BirthMichael Gross, American actor
June 21st, 1947 (June 21 1947)BirthShirin Ebadi, Iranian lawyer, Nobel Peace Prize laureateShirin Ebadi Quotes
June 21st, 1947 (June 21 1947)BirthJoey Molland, English musician (Badfinger)
June 21st, 1946 (June 21 1946)BirthBrenda Holloway, American musician
June 21st, 1945 (June 21 1945)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Okinawa ends.
June 21st, 1945 (June 21 1945)BirthAdam Zagajewski, Polish philosopher, poet Philo Quotes
June 21st, 1944 (June 21 1944)BirthRay Davies, English musician (The Kinks)
June 21st, 1944 (June 21 1944)BirthCorinna Tsopei, Greek beauty pageant winner, the first Greek Miss Universe
June 21st, 1943 (June 21 1943)BirthSalome, Spanish singer
June 21st, 1942 (June 21 1942)EventWorld War II: Tobruk falls to Italian and German forces.
June 21st, 1942 (June 21 1942)EventWorld War II: A Japanese submarine surfaces near the Columbia River in Oregon, firing 17 shells at nearby Fort Stevens in one of only a handful of attacks by the Japanese against the United States mainland.
June 21st, 1942 (June 21 1942)BirthTogo D. West, Jr., American attorney and public official
June 21st, 1942 (June 21 1942)BirthDan Henning, American football player
June 21st, 1942 (June 21 1942)BirthHenry S. Taylor, American writer
June 21st, 1941 (June 21 1941)BirthJoe Flaherty, American-Canadian actor
June 21st, 1941 (June 21 1941)BirthLyman Ward, Canadian actor
June 21st, 1940 (June 21 1940)EventThe first successful west-to-east navigation of Northwest Passage begins at Vancouver, British Columbia.
June 21st, 1940 (June 21 1940)BirthMariette Hartley, American actress
June 21st, 1940 (June 21 1940)BirthMichael Ruse, Canadian philosopher Philo Quotes
June 21st, 1940 (June 21 1940)DeathSmedley Butler, American Marine general (born in 1881)Smedley Butler Quotes
June 21st, 1939 (June 21 1939)BirthRuben Berrios, Puerto Rican politician
June 21st, 1938 (June 21 1938)BirthRon Ely, American actor
June 21st, 1935 (June 21 1935)BirthFrancoise Sagan, French writer (died in 2004)
June 21st, 1934 (June 21 1934)DeathThorne Smith, American author (born in 1892)
June 21st, 1932 (June 21 1932)BirthO.C. Smith, American singer (died in 2001)
June 21st, 1932 (June 21 1932)BirthLalo Schifrin, Argentine pianist and composer
June 21st, 1931 (June 21 1931)BirthMargaret Mary O Shaughnessy Heckler, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services
June 21st, 1930 (June 21 1930)BirthSir Gerald Kaufman, British politician
June 21st, 1930 (June 21 1930)BirthMike McCormack, American professional football player
June 21st, 1929 (June 21 1929)BirthAbdel Halim Hafez, Egyptian singer and actor (died in 1977)
June 21st, 1929 (June 21 1929)BirthAlexandre Lagoya, Greek-Italian classical guitarist (died in 1999)
June 21st, 1927 (June 21 1927)BirthCarl Stokes, Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio (died in 1996)
June 21st, 1926 (June 21 1926)BirthConrad Hall, Tahitian-born cinematographer (died in 2003)
June 21st, 1925 (June 21 1925)BirthGiovanni Spadolini, Italian politician (died in 1994)
June 21st, 1925 (June 21 1925)BirthMaureen Stapleton, American actress (died in 2006)
June 21st, 1924 (June 21 1924)BirthPontus Hulten, Swedish art collector and pioneering museum director (died in 2006)
June 21st, 1924 (June 21 1924)BirthJean Laplanche, French psychoanalytic thinker
June 21st, 1924 (June 21 1924)BirthMax McNab, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (died in 2007)
June 21st, 1923 (June 21 1923)BirthJacques Hebert, French Canadian author, journalist and politician
June 21st, 1921 (June 21 1921)BirthJudy Holliday, American actress (died in 1965)
June 21st, 1921 (June 21 1921)BirthJane Russell, American actress
June 21st, 1921 (June 21 1921)BirthJean de Broglie, French politician
June 21st, 1919 (June 21 1919)EventThe Royal Canadian Mounted Police fire a volley into a crowd of unemployed war veterans, killing two, during the Winnipeg General Strike.
June 21st, 1919 (June 21 1919)EventAdmiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttles the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney. The nine sailors killed were the last casualties of World War I.
June 21st, 1919 (June 21 1919)BirthGerard Pelletier, French Canadian journalist, politician, and diplomat (died in 1997)
June 21st, 1919 (June 21 1919)BirthVladimir Simagin, Russian chess master and teacher (died in 1968)
June 21st, 1919 (June 21 1919)BirthPaolo Soleri, Italian-born American architect
June 21st, 1918 (June 21 1918)BirthJames Clyde Mitchell, English sociologist and anthropologist (died in 1995)
June 21st, 1916 (June 21 1916)BirthJoseph Cyril Bamford, English inventor and industrialist (died in 2001)
June 21st, 1916 (June 21 1916)BirthBuddy O Connor, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1977)
June 21st, 1915 (June 21 1915)EventThe U.S. Supreme Court hands down its decision in Guinn v. United States 238 US 347 1915, striking down an Oklahoma law denying the right to vote to some citizens.
June 21st, 1914 (June 21 1914)BirthWilliam Vickrey, Canadian economist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1996)
June 21st, 1914 (June 21 1914)DeathBertha von Suttner, Austrian writer and pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1843)
June 21st, 1912 (June 21 1912)BirthMary McCarthy, American writer (died in 1989)Mary McCarthy Quotes
June 21st, 1912 (June 21 1912)BirthKazimierz Leski, Polish engineer, fighter pilot and officer of the Home Army s intelligence and counter-intelligence (died in 2000)
June 21st, 1910 (June 21 1910)BirthAleksandr Tvardovsky, Soviet poet (died in 1971)
June 21st, 1908 (June 21 1908)BirthWilliam Frankena, American philosopher (died in 1994) Philo Quotes
June 21st, 1908 (June 21 1908)DeathNikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Russian composer (born in 1844)
June 21st, 1906 (June 21 1906)BirthHarold Spina, American composer (died in 1997)
June 21st, 1905 (June 21 1905)BirthJean-Paul Sartre, French philosopher and writer, Nobel Prize laureate (declined) (died in 1980)Jean-Paul Sartre Quotes
June 21st, 1903 (June 21 1903)BirthAl Hirschfeld, American cartoonist (died in 2003)
June 21st, 1902 (June 21 1902)BirthHowie Morenz, professional ice hockey player (died in 1937)
June 21st, 1898 (June 21 1898)EventGuam becomes a U.S. territory.
June 21st, 1898 (June 21 1898)BirthDonald C. Peattie, American botanist and writer (died in 1964)
June 21st, 1896 (June 21 1896)BirthCharles B. Momsen, American inventor (died in 1967)
June 21st, 1893 (June 21 1893)BirthAlois Haba, Czech composer (died in 1973)Alois Haba Quotes
June 21st, 1893 (June 21 1893)DeathLeland Stanford, American business tycoon and founder of Stanford University
June 21st, 1892 (June 21 1892)BirthReinhold Niebuhr, Protestant theologian (died in 1971)Reinhold Niebuhr Quotes
June 21st, 1891 (June 21 1891)BirthPier Luigi Nervi, Italian architect (died in 1979)
June 21st, 1891 (June 21 1891)BirthHermann Scherchen, German conductor (died in 1966)
June 21st, 1890 (June 21 1890)BirthFrank Sherman Land, The order of DeMolay founder (died in 1959)
June 21st, 1889 (June 21 1889)BirthRalph Craig, American athlete (died in 1972)
June 21st, 1887 (June 21 1887)BirthNorman L. Bowen, Canadian petrologist (died in 1956)
June 21st, 1884 (June 21 1884)BirthClaude Auchinleck, British field marshal (died in 1981)
June 21st, 1883 (June 21 1883)BirthFyodor Gladkov, Russian writer (died in 1958)
June 21st, 1882 (June 21 1882)BirthRockwell Kent, American artist (died in 1971)
June 21st, 1882 (June 21 1882)BirthLluis Companys i Jover, Spanish politician (died in 1940)
June 21st, 1880 (June 21 1880)BirthArnold Gesell, American psychologist and pediatrician (died in 1961)
June 21st, 1880 (June 21 1880)BirthJosiah Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp, British civil servant, industrialist, economist, statistician and banker (died in 1941)
June 21st, 1879 (June 21 1879)BirthGemma Doyle, Victorian Debutante, developer of the Realms theology (died in 1949)
June 21st, 1877 (June 21 1877)EventThe Molly Maguires, ten Irish immigrants, are hanged at the Schuylkill County and Carbon County, Pennsylvania prisons.
June 21st, 1876 (June 21 1876)BirthWillem Hendrik Keesom, Dutch physicist (died in 1956)
June 21st, 1874 (June 21 1874)DeathAnders Jonas Angstrom, Swedish physicist (born in 1814)
June 21st, 1870 (June 21 1870)BirthClara Immerwahr, German chemist (died in 1915)
June 21st, 1868 (June 21 1868)BirthEdwin Stephen Goodrich, English zoologist (died in 1946)
June 21st, 1865 (June 21 1865)DeathFrances Adeline Seward, wife of United States Secretary of State William H. Seward (born in 1824)
June 21st, 1864 (June 21 1864)EventNew Zealand Land Wars: The Tauranga Campaign ends.
June 21st, 1864 (June 21 1864)BirthHeinrich Wolfflin, Swiss art historian (died in 1945)
June 21st, 1863 (June 21 1863)BirthMax Wolf, German astronomer (died in 1932)
June 21st, 1862 (June 21 1862)BirthDamrong Rajanubhab, Thai prince and historian (died in 1943)
June 21st, 1859 (June 21 1859)BirthHenry Ossawa Tanner, American painter (died in 1937)
June 21st, 1858 (June 21 1858)BirthMedardo Rosso, Italian sculptor (died in 1928)
June 21st, 1854 (June 21 1854)EventFirst Victoria Cross won during bombardment of Bomarsund in the Aland Islands.
June 21st, 1850 (June 21 1850)BirthDaniel Carter Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America (died in 1941)
June 21st, 1839 (June 21 1839)BirthMachado de Assis, Brazilian writer (died in 1908)
June 21st, 1828 (June 21 1828)BirthFerdinand Andre Fouque, French geologist (died in 1904)
June 21st, 1826 (June 21 1826)EventManiots defeat Egyptians under Ibrahim Pasha in the Battle of Vergas.
June 21st, 1825 (June 21 1825)BirthWilliam Stubbs, English historian and Anglican bishop of Oxford (died in 1901)
June 21st, 1824 (June 21 1824)EventGreek War of Independence: Egyptian forces capture Psara in the Aegean Sea.
June 21st, 1824 (June 21 1824)DeathEtienne Aignan, French writer (born in 1773)
June 21st, 1823 (June 21 1823)BirthJean Chacornac, French astronomer (died in 1873)
June 21st, 1813 (June 21 1813)EventPeninsular War: Battle of Vitoria.
June 21st, 1813 (June 21 1813)EventLaura Secord sets out to warn British forces of an impending U.S. attack on Queenston, Ontario during the War of 1812.
June 21st, 1812 (June 21 1812)BirthMoses Hess, Jewish socialist and nationalist (died in 1875)
June 21st, 1811 (June 21 1811)BirthCarlo Matteucci, Italian physicist (died in 1868)
June 21st, 1805 (June 21 1805)BirthCharles Thomas Jackson, American scientist, polymath (died in 1880)Thomas Jackson Quotes
June 21st, 1798 (June 21 1798)EventIrish Rebellion of 1798: The British Army defeats Irish rebels at the Battle of Vinegar Hill.
June 21st, 1798 (June 21 1798)BirthWolfgang Menzel, German writer (died in 1873)
June 21st, 1796 (June 21 1796)DeathRichard Gridley, American Revolutionary soldier (born in 1710)Eric Idle Quotes
June 21st, 1791 (June 21 1791)BirthRobert Napier, British engineer (died in 1876)
June 21st, 1788 (June 21 1788)EventNew Hampshire ratifies the Constitution of the United States and is admitted as the 9th state in the United States.
June 21st, 1788 (June 21 1788)BirthPrincess Augusta of Bavaria (died in 1850)
June 21st, 1782 (June 21 1782)BirthPyotr Kotlyarevsky, Russian general (died in 1852)
June 21st, 1781 (June 21 1781)BirthSimeon-Denis Poisson, French mathematician and physicist (died in 1840)
June 21st, 1774 (June 21 1774)BirthDaniel D. Tompkins, Congressman, Governor of New York, and sixth Vice President of the United States (died in 1825)
June 21st, 1764 (June 21 1764)BirthSidney Smith, British admiral (died in 1840)
June 21st, 1763 (June 21 1763)BirthPierre Paul Royer-Collard, French philosopher (died in 1845) Philo Quotes
June 21st, 1759 (June 21 1759)BirthAlexander J. Dallas, American statesman and financier (died in 1817)
June 21st, 1749 (June 21 1749)EventHalifax, Nova Scotia, is founded.
June 21st, 1738 (June 21 1738)DeathCharles Townshend, 2nd Viscount Townshend, English statesman (born in 1674)
June 21st, 1734 (June 21 1734)EventIn Montreal in New France (today primarily Quebec), a black slave known by the French name of Marie-Joseph Angelique, having been convicted of the arson that destroyed much of the city, is tortured and hanged by the French authorities in a public ceremony that involved her disgrace and the amputation of a hand.
June 21st, 1732 (June 21 1732)BirthJohann Christoph Friedrich Bach, German composer (died in 1791)
June 21st, 1730 (June 21 1730)BirthMotoori Norinaga, Japanese scholar (died in 1801)
June 21st, 1712 (June 21 1712)BirthLuc Urbain de Bouexic, comte de Guichen, French admiral (died in 1790)
June 21st, 1665 (June 21 1665)EventThe first soldiers of Le Regiment de Carignan-Salieres arrive at Quebec to invade Iroquois territories.
June 21st, 1652 (June 21 1652)DeathInigo Jones, English architect (born in 1573)
June 21st, 1646 (June 21 1646)BirthMaria Francisca of Nemours, queen of Portugal (died in 1683)
June 21st, 1621 (June 21 1621)EventExecution of 27 Czech noblemen on the Old Town Square in Prague as a consequence of the Battle of White Mountain.
June 21st, 1621 (June 21 1621)DeathKrystof Harant, Polish soldier, writer, and composer (born in 1564)
June 21st, 1591 (June 21 1591)DeathAloysius Gonzaga, Italian saint (born in 1568)
June 21st, 1582 (June 21 1582)EventThe Incident at Honno-ji takes place in Kyoto, Japan.
June 21st, 1582 (June 21 1582)DeathOda Nobunaga, Japanese warlord (born in 1534)
June 21st, 1547 (June 21 1547)DeathSebastiano del Piombo, Italian painter (born in 1485)
June 21st, 1535 (June 21 1535)BirthLeonhard Rauwolf, German physician and botanist (died in 1596)
June 21st, 1529 (June 21 1529)DeathJohn Skelton, English poetJohn Skelton Quotes
June 21st, 1528 (June 21 1528)BirthMaria of Spain, Holy Roman Empire Empress (1603)
June 21st, 1527 (June 21 1527)DeathNiccolo Machiavelli, Italian historian and political author (born in 1469)Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes
June 21st, 1377 (June 21 1377)DeathKing Edward III of England (born in 1312)
June 21st, 1305 (June 21 1305)DeathKing Wenceslaus II of Bohemia and Poland (born in 1271)
June 21st, 1226 (June 21 1226)BirthKing Boleslaus V of Poland (died in 1279)
June 21st, 1002 (June 21 1002)BirthPope Leo IX (died in 1054)
June 21st, 0524 (June 21 0524)EventGodomar, King of the Burgundians defeats the Franks at the Battle of Vezeronce.

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